Fundraising Pack

Welcome to the Campaign!  Thank you for volunteering and helping us to raise £10,000 for the Medic Mentor Doctors’ Hardship Fund, in partnership with the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund!

We have put together this Fundraising Pack to give you some guidance on what you can expect, how you can effectively fundraise and how to enjoy the process!  Not only is this a great experience for students who want to become doctors, but also an incredibly valuable cause.  

First Start By reading through the guidance below

A Step-by-step Guide Guide:

1. Read the Fundraising Pack below

2. Watch the webinar

3. Join the WhatsApp Group – this is optional and you don’t have to do this!

4. Keep an eye on the daily email bulletin to stay in the loop

5. Read and comment on the blog posts about the Campaign

6. Keep a record of your volunteering for your certificate, which you can use for your Medical Awards Programme!


Research the Organisations Involved

When you first start campaigning, you need be confident enough to explain what you are campaigning for.  You also need to be knowledgeable enough to answer questions.  So you need to start by doing a little bit of research.  You don’t have to know the complete ins and outs of each organisaiton, but enough to be able to answer common questions like those listed further along in this pack.  If you come across anything that you don’t know how to answer, it is also best to contact the organisers like Dr Siva ( and Jo Sheldon ( for help with your responses.

Who Are Medic Mentor?

Medic Mentor is a non-profit national medical organisation that helps students apply to medical school with excellent careers support and offers medical students scholarships to study medicine at university.  We have a national network of 4000 doctor volunteers and we teach over 8000 students from roughly 1500 schools.  We want to continue supporting future doctors by helping them stay safe on the front line.

You can learn more at this link:

Who are the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF)?

The RMBF is the UK charity for doctors, medical students and their families. We provide support and advice to doctors and their dependants at times of crisis and serious need. By donating today, you can help us prevent doctors under pressure from being lost to the profession for good. You can help sick doctors get back to doing their vital work, free from other pressures. You can ensure doctors struggling with their mental health are given the support they need to get back on an even keel.

You can learn more about the RMBF at this link:

What is the campaign for?

Medic Mentor have a long standing partnership with The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, who have been supporting doctors for over 180 years.  Medic Mentor are dedicated to supporting aspiring doctors, students and newly qualified doctors, providing advice, guidance and support to all, wherever they are in their career journey.  Both partners recognise that medicine is a unique and rewarding career, with challenges. 

Doctors are being asked to return to work on the front lines in the most high risk areas without adequate protection or access to testing.  They are putting their own lives and their families at risk to support the wider population.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the pressure is greater than ever for our medical professionals on the front line, balancing their safety against the need to treat the influx of patients being diagnosed with the virus.  We are looking at providing support to these clinicians during this time who are facing, psychological, emotional and financial difficulty because of the scarifices that they have made to care for our population.  The donations also go towards providing mental health support for these doctors who are under enormous pressure at the moment.  Our vision is to get the word out about how people can help, encourage donations and awareness.  This is where you can support the most.

Our Aims

As a team of Campaigners, we have 2 main goals:

1. To encourage as many people to donate as possible.  This will help us to reach our goal of raising £10,000

2. To encourage people to volunteer for our campaign.  The more campaigners we have on our campaign team, the more money we can raise, and we can raise it faster too!

So whenever you are asking people to donate, also ask them to consider volunteering too.  Volunteering is a rewarding way to help people feel productive, which improves your mental wellbeing.  During these stressful times, you will be surprised how many people want to help.  We already have over 100 volunteer campaigners!

Keep the message the same

As a team of Campaigners it is essential that our messages all remain consistent so that when people look for help or want to donate, they are always being directed to the same place.  Staying consistent with the message is also important to prevent people from getting confused.  So we have created some set peices for you.  You can find these on the respective sections below.

The most important thing is to always direct people to this link:

Please note that it is not the GoFundMe page directly, because, not only will this link give people access to the Donations page but it also gives people an opportunity to volunteer as a camapigner too.  Remember, our aim is to raise as many donations as possible, and encourage as many people to volunteer as possible.

How Can I Help?

By signing up to be a campaigner, you are already helping!  We need a bank of volunteers to support with sharing the message and having an impact on the donations we receive.  We implore you to complete your campaigning whilst still abiding by the social distancing advice, and campaign from your own home.   Please do not go outside to campaign.

As a volunteer in this time of isolation, you may need to think outside the box with how you can raise awareness and have a positive impact on donations coming through.  The remainder of this pack gives you ideas that you can use, whilst still observing isolation and social distancing rules.

The most effective way to raise awareness (and observing social distancing) is the various social media platforms.  With all non-essential workers currently at home, many are turning to social media more than ever, and a post here, a share there can have really far reaching, positive impacts.  It is very easy to write a status or a tweet for your connections to see and a great place to start, but there is so much more that you can do! There may be a community group in your town with a page that has thousands of members from your local area that you could reach out to, such as ‘spotted’ pages, and your local round table page.  You may be part of several groups on social media, to follow your interests.  You will only be limited by your imagination when raising awareness on social media, and we would encourage you to keep records of where you have shared your content, and what responses you have had.


If you have a facebook account, make good use of this to promote the campaign.  

1. Visit the Medic Mentor facebook page

2. Share the post that has already been posted on the MM FB page about donating to the fund on your own page with a comment such as ‘I have joined the Campaign to raise money for the Doctors’ Hardship Fund.  Please consider donating and/or volunteering as a campaigner.

3. Please also take a moment to post a supportive comment on the MM FB post to encourage others to donate and volunteer.  When other people can see how proactive our community are being, they too will be encouraged to get involved.

4. Alternatively you can use the following post and post this on your FB page:

I have joined the Campaign to raise money for the Doctor’s Hardship Fund.  Please consider donating and volunteering as a campaigner. Medic Mentor have  creating a dedicated hardship fund, in partnership with the Royal Benevolent Fund (the doctors charity).  The Fund will support clinicians who are facing physical, psychological and financial difficulty during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please visit:

Be sure to delete the image that appears once you copy and past the link, and instead attach the RMBF and MM logos which you can download from these links:


5. Please share the post onto your friends and family FB pages and ask them to share it with their friends too.

6. Share the post with any groups that you are already a part of on FB.

7. Join other groups online that might be interested in supporting doctors too and post on there.  It is a good idea to keep a list of where you have posted.  If you see a post from another campaigner on there already, you will have more of an impact by commenting on the post positively, rather than posting it again. This is a valid contribution and you can screenshot your comment as evidence.

8. If you feel confident, you can also use the Facebook LIVE option, where you can create a live video on your newsfeed, which alerts your connections that you are live and they can click on to watch your live stream.

9. Always remain professional at all times.

Things not to do:

1. Repost multiple times on the same group page – this can be very annoying to followers of the group

2. Start a heated political debate or engage with angry messages.  Seek help in this situation by contacting Dr Siva or Jo Sheldon.


If you have a twitter account, make good use of this to promote the campaign.  

1. Visit the Medic Mentor twitter page

2. Retweet the post that has already been posted on the MM twitter page, which reads:

Help us raise money for frontline doctors who are experiencing physical, emotional and financial difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please donate and volunteer for our Doctors’ Hardship Fund in partnership with the @TheRMBF click here & thank you:

3. Please also take a moment to tweet a supportive comment on the MM twitter page to encourage others to donate and volunteer.  When other people can see how proactive our community are being they too will be encouraged to get involved.

4. If you do follow an influencer, you may wish to contact them directly to ask for their support.  Always check how many followers this could reach, influencers can have from 1,000 followers, right up to 100,000 – think how wide an influencer can help spread the awareness

5. Use the hashtags #clapforcarers and #COVID19UK to reach a wider audience and most social media platforms use this.  Our official hashtag is #MMFundraise.

Things not to do:

1. Repost multiple times on the same group page – this can be very annoying to followers of the group

2. Start a heated political debate or engage with angry messages.  Seek help in this situation by contacting Dr Siva or Jo Sheldon.


You can also post a message in your Whatsapp groups with friends and family who you think are interested in supporting your campaign.  The best way to do this is to use your FB app on your phone, find the Medic Mentor Facebook post and choose the option to share it via whatsapp and then start posting it to your Whatsapp groups.

We will be creating our own Whatsapp group for the campaign team to share ideas, organise and come up with new ideas.  You can also keep the rest of the team updated on where you have posted and ask for help with questions, retweets and comments on posts you have made.  If you would like to be included, take 30 seconds to complete the online form, and give us permission to include in you the MM Campaigners Whatsapp group:

WhatsApp Permission Form

Contact local businesses and clubs

You can also generate donations by contacting groups like businesses and local clubs.  

1. Create a list of local businesses and clubs that you want to contact. A spreadsheet is perfect for staying organised with this sort of thing.

2. Spend some time calling them to get the relevant contact details of the person you should be speaking to.  This could even be the CEO or COO of the company.  For clubs this is likely to be the club leader.  

3. Speak to these poeple over the phone or write them an email.  Here is an example of an email that you could use:

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am writing to you to request your support during the current COVID-19 situation.  I am a student volunteer campaigner for the Medic Mentor COVID-19 vision, in partnership with the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, to fundraise and support struggling doctors during the pandemic.

The fund has been designed to support our front line doctors who are experiencing physical, psychological and financial difficulties because of the COVID-19 pandemic and we aim to raise at least £10,000 to do this.  The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund has set up an urgent appeal to help thousands of doctors bravely standing between the virus and our vulnerable people in society, which Medic Mentor are supporting to actively campaign and fundraise as much as possible.

With your help, we can really make a difference to NHS doctors and their families. We can help prevent doctors under pressure leaving the profession for good, help doctors suffering with COVID-19 get back to work and continue their vital work and help alleviate further external pressures on them during the pandemic. 

Now is the time we need our NHS more than ever, and I hope you can support our cause.  Please share and donate at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Chief Mentor of Schools, Dr Siva by phone (01530217499) or email ( (You can also include your contact details if you want).

Thank you for your time,

Yours Sincerely

Don't forget your School!

Don’t forget to involve your school in the fundraising campaign!  

1. You can email your teachers using the cover email provided in the ‘contact local businesses and clubs’ section.  Invite them to support and also campaign for the Doctors’ Hardship Fund to show their support during the COVID-19 crisis.

2. Contact your medical society and inform them of the opportunity to donate and volunteer.

3. Contact other school clubs and societies that you are a part of to see if they might be interested.

4. Try to create something to post in your school newsletter, twitter or facebook feed.

Other Ways of Raising Awareness

You may want to use this time of self-isolation to set up an online activity to raise funds, whilst also being able to spend time with your friends, via skype or google hang outs.  A lot of people have been setting up virtual quiz nights to stay connected and entertain each other during this period where we are isolating from our social circles.  Why not look at hosting a quiz online via skype with a small entrance fee that can be donated at the following link:

Covid-19 Mission

You could have a karaoke evening through the medium of Facetime phone calls?   The possibilities are endless and we would really like to see your ideas on fundraising activities during this time!   The only limit is your imagination, but please ensure you stay safe and in self isolation!

Smrithika made up a Bingo sheet that she’s tagged friends and family into and shared it on Social Media.  This was a fantastic idea – and you can get creative too!  Feel free to download the image and share it. I hope every one of or campaigners is shouting BINGO right now? You can download it at this link:

Campaign Posters

Feel free to download a share any of the posters below that have been created by our Campaign Team!  We are encouraging all of our volunteers to create their own posters and share it with us to post here so that we can create an incredible bank of posters.


Getting Your Volunteering Certificate

Please ensure that you keep a electronic folder of evidence to prove that you have been campaigning effectively online.  The types of evidence that you can submit include:

1. screenshots of social media posts

2. screenshots or email replies

3. replies fron clubs and businesses

4. videos of online acitivties that you have undertaken to fundraise

5. any other form of evidence such as a reference or letter commending your work from a donor

Please ensure that you are submitting your evidence on a weekly basis to Jo by emailing her at

If you have large files to transfer to Jo, please use wetransfer to do this at the following link:

If you are a Medic Mentor Awards Student, you can use your Reflective Template and use this as a valid volunteering exercise to complete your awards criteria.  More details about the Awards Programme can be found here:

Don’t forget to keep checking back on the funding page to see how we are doing.  You may recognise names on the donations list which can help you to see if you efforts are working!

Good luck everyone!


Things to remember when campaigning

This is a great way to keep busy, and volunteering during these challenging times. It will demonstrate your caring, empathetic nature, and how time was used during isolation to show support to the medical world in which you wish to be part of.  Please keep your posts professional at all times and always contain the link to the donation page which is

Keep your posts informative and to the point, and do not stop at one post and hope for the best.  The most successful campaigners are the people that continually follow up on leads, reply to emails, messages and comments on posts.  Find  new and interesting ways to post statuses and keeping followers up to date with our progress.  If you have any questions, please contact us via either or via facebook messenger to the Medic Mentor facebook page.  Good luck with your campaign!!!