The student and admission support Team

The Student and Admission Support Team work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of Medic Mentor. The doctors at Medic Mentor are very lucky to work alongside a group of full-time support staff who are responsible for administration, accounts, funding, widening access, IT, HR, media and publishing.  They work from the Medic Mentor Head Quarters in Leicestershire and provide invaluable and continuous help to ensure that students, parents, teachers, medical students and doctors are all well supported to deliver and receive high quality teaching at Medic Mentor.


Admin FAQs 

Please read these before submitting your application for a portal login below

If you already have a portal login, you can speak to our Student and Admissions Support team via that platform.

Please do not email us, as these have a tendency to go missing and we want to track your communication with us a lot more clearly. Once you’ve logged into your portal the majority of your questions will be answered on there and you will also have the opportunity to message our team too! 

In addition, we also have a phone line open between 10am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

You can reach us on

01530 417 299

I’m enrolled onto work experience, but I have not received the joining details
For all our work experience programmes, the joining details are emailed out to the email address you registered with on the Wednesday before each session.
School emails are intended for internal use only so if you provide us with a school email you may not receive our emails. Emails can also land in your junk/spam folder so please check in there. You may have also signed up with a parent’s email so double check there too.
I haven’t received my work experience certificate; how do I access this?
For Medical Work Experience, students must complete all 6 sessions of the medical work experience (MedWEX) to obtain a certificate of completion.
This does not mean that you can attend the same session twice to make up the 6. The programme consists of 6 individual sessions, and to obtain a certificate of completion, you must attend all 6. An attendance link will be provided at the end of each session. Please ensurethat you complete this.
Allied Healthcare certificates are issued on the Wednesday after each session. Students must complete the attendance form provided during the session. Certificates will then be emailed to the email address provided on the attendance form.
Do I have to have an adult present and my camera switched on at the Get into Conference?
We appreciate that parents may have other commitments but due to safeguarding any delegate under 18 will need to attend with a parent/guardian. Please note that adults under the age of 21 are unable to accompany delegates under 18. We do require cameras to be switched on to visually verify this. If this is inconvenient then we can transfer you to a date that an adult can be in attendance with you.
I have registered for the Awards Programme but haven’treceived my Slack invite
Once we receive your registration, we will add you onto the Slack Channel where you will find all the resources required to start the programme. This can take up to 14 days. You will receive an email once you have been added.


What time does Work Experience start?
All of our work experience sessions run 10am-5pm


I am a mature student; can I join the programmes?
All our programmes are aimed at students from years 10-12, we are unable to support mature students.


Can I join work experience even though the programme has already started?
Students can join part way through and will have the opportunity to attend the missed sessions either when the programme reboots or via our paid for WEX library.