The Administration Team

TheAdministration Team work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of Medic Mentor. The doctors at Medic Mentor are very lucky to work alongside a group of full-time support staff who are responsible for administration, accounts, funding, widening access, IT, HR, media and publishing.  They work from the Medic Mentor Head Quarters in Leicestershire and provide invaluable and continuous help to ensure that students, parents, teachers, medical students and doctors are all well supported to deliver and receive high quality teaching at Medic Mentor.


General Info


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Our Mission & Vision

Medic Mentor is a non-profit national medical organisation for applying students, medical students and doctors.  We specialise in helping applying students get into medicine, and award students with merit-based scholarships to study medicine at university.  Medic Mentor is run by a UK-wide network of volunteer doctors who provide UCAS support and teach medical students how to become successful future doctors and NHS leaders.  It is an organisation that re-invests in the wellbeing and morale of our UK’s doctors. So by getting involved in Medic Mentor, not only can you learn how to successfully become a doctor, but you are also supporting our medical students and doctors, whilst getting into medical school.

Phone & Email

Mentor Helpline: 01530 417299 (Please note that we are unable to take phone calls at present because we are working from home and currently in the process of implementing a new telephone system.  All admin enquiries can be sent to and if you are already on Medic Mentor’s Slack platform you are very likely to get a quicker response by posting your questions on there.  Thank you for your patience.