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Welcome to Medic Mentor’s new blog, where we will be tracking and posting new resources and stories about our Mentors, Scholars and Applying students.  The blog has been created to keep our Medic Mentor community connected and to make sure that you do not miss any important news or events on your journey to become excellent future doctors!

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Revision Tips

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your revision technique? Do you sometimes find that you spend a long time revising and still don’t get the results you expect? Do you tend to get overwhelmed and cram just before your exams? If you can identify with these...

My Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and give back to your community. There are so many different charities to choose from meaning there’s something for everyone. There are endless skills that you can learn throughout this experience all of...

MMI Interview Format

I thought I knew what to expect from MMI as soon as I knew the name- Multiple Mini Interviews. It sounds straightforward, station x assesses your communication, station y gives you an ethical dilemma: and it’s not like that summation is wrong- it just fails to explore...

New Year Motivation

There is an indefinable motivation at the start of a new period, whether that is a year, month or week. This powers us to set goals, write resolutions and achieve, but can also lead to adding unnecessary pressure and comparing yourself to others, especially where...


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