Gold Award: Succeed

The aim of the Medic Mentor Gold Award is the application of your knowledge and skills to submit a successful application through UCAS to medical, dental or vet school.  Each of the Gold categories below are designed to ensure that students are fully prepared to make a successful application.  Each student who obtains their Gold Award will automatically be put forward for interviews to be considered for the Scholarship Programmes which are worth up to £12,000 throughout University.

Gold Categories

Attend 1 residential course

4 weeks of volunteering

6 months of extra-curricular activities

Completed a research project or attended a course about research principles

Evidence of medical leadership or medical expedition

Completed 9 study guides or 4 e-learning courses or lead your school’s medical society

20 hours of medical wider reading

6 written reflections of experiences gained and skills developed

Sat the UKCAT or BMAT

Deliver at least 1 presentation or attend a presentation development course

Complete one team project within or outside of school

Organise an event, fundraiser or educational project.

Must have attended at least 1 medical, dental or vet school interview and received at least 1 offer

At the gold level, 170 points will attain a pass, 200 will attain a merit and 250 will attain a distinction.


How can I complete each category?

Your welcome pack will provide suggestions for each category, which includes Medic Mentor Approved Activities.  However, you do not need to stick to this list and if you would like to use other activities (including non-Medic Mentor activities) that is acceptable.  You can discuss ideas for each category with your Mentor, who can provide you with advice throughout your Awards Programme.  They will also be able to give you advice on how to apply for volunteering and work experience opportunities.

Approved Activities

Details of Medic Mentor Approved Activites can be accessed below.  Approved Activites are programmes that meet Medic Mentor’s quality standards to support the learning of students that are being mentored and supervised.  Approved programmes are a guarantee of quality, whereas other programmes may not necessarily meet Medic Mentor standards.

Activties may or may not be associated with an additional cost and the choice of programmes to undertake lies with the student.

GOLD Approved Activities

Attend 1 residential course

You must attend a 5-day residential programme that will help you to build your confidence, independence and prepare you for life as a medical, dental  or veterinary student.  The Summer School is an Approved Programme with over 80% of students obtaining offers to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine at university

Completed a research project or attended a course about research principles

Research is an important area for all doctors, vets and dentists.  You can get involved in research audits during medical work experience, at school with EPQs or you can conduct some research and publish an article in the Mentor Magazine.

Evidence of medical leadership or medical expedition

Leadership skills are essential for future doctors, dentists and vets.  You can choose to apply to the School Ambassador Leadership Programme or develop leadership skills through a medical expedition using Medic Mentor Wild

Completed 9 study guides or 4 e-learning courses or lead your school’s medical society

Medic Mentor Study Guides are automatically emailed each month to all of the students enrolled on the Awards Programme.  You can also get free help to set up a medical society (or link an existing one) from Medic Mentor

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