In this episode of the Becoming A Doctor Podcast, Lucy and Ciara interview Dr Rob Campbell who is a Vet and Vice President of Veterinary Medicine at Medic Mentor. Dr Rob discusses the unexpected ways that the COVID-19 has impacted his job – both as a vet and as a lecturer in primary care at the Liverpool Veterinary School.

Do you know what ‘One Health’ means? Can you explain what is meant by a zoonotic disease? Have you heard about vets helping in the NHS hospitals? 

Listen to learn more about the often-forgotten connection between vets, doctors and population health. Talking about the points mentioned in the episode at an interview will make you stand out from the other applicants, showing a deeper insight into the ‘less traditional’ members of that infamous MDT.

Wider reading and current affairs at the click of a button …. It’d be rude not to!

As always, comment down below your thoughts on the episode. Was there anything that surprised you? Do you have any questions for Dr Rob?

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