In this episode of the Becoming A Doctor Podcast, Lucy and Ciara interview Dr Uppal (chief dentist) all about the Awards Programme for Applying Students! Also hear from Dr Quinn as she discusses the latest addition to the Scholarship programme – the Awards programme for Medical Students!

Do you know how to prepare for your medical school application? Do you want expert mentoring on all of this and more? Listen more to find how the Medic Mentor Awards Programme can take you from an average medical school applicant to an extraordinary one! And once you get into medical school, as an Awards student you will be eligible for an interview for a Medic Mentor Scholarship of up to £12,000. Make sure to check out Episode 8 to find out more about the Scholarship Programme!

Once you’re at medical school, Medic Mentor will continue to support your personal professional development through the Awards Programme for Medical Students. This structured mentoring programme is perfect for those wanting to apply for those sought after Academic Foundation Programme places! 

As always, comment down below your thoughts on the episode. Do you have any questions for Dr Uppal and Dr Quinn?

The episode will start with the Awards Programme for Applying Students and the segment on the Awards Programme for Medical Students will begin at 10 minutes and 12 seconds

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