Reapplying To dental school?

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If you are reapplying to Dentistry in the UK, you’ve come to the right place!

Dental Mentor has the UK’s largest year-round mentoring programme. We bring support and specialist advice to reapplying students to help make sure you are successful the second time round.

You’ll begin Reapplication Summer School with a 1-1 meeting with a Dentsist and dental school application expert. This meeting will allow us to identify exactly why you didn’t get into medical school the first time to help you avoid making the same mistakes on your reapplication. 

In summer 2022, we hosted over 900 students across different sites in London and Scotland, with over 90% of them receiving at least one offer to study Dentistry. This is incredible, as on average only 15% of all Dental applicants are successful at securing an offer from British Universities. 


of Summer School Students Receive at Least One Offer to Study Dentistry.

What Does Summer School Include?

As part of Reapplication Summer School, we’re here to support you at every stage of your application journey in the run-up to your Summer School course, right up until you receive that offer and throughout dental school.

For reapplicant students who are joining us for Summer School the programme includes:

  • 1-1 meeting with a Chief Mentor (Dentist) to create bespoke plan for your application. 
  • 5 day residential (or virtual) summer school. The residential course includes accommodation and food. You will receive mentoring from dentists on personal statements, wider reading, and practice interviews. 
  • During the summer, you will receive 5 weeks of UCAT and 5 weeks of BMAT teaching on Zoom. 
  • During interview season, you will also be invited to attend in person interview days where you will practice interviews with Doctors. 
  • As soon as you sign up for the Summer School, we enrol you on the Awards programme. For reapplicants it is crucial to make the most of your ‘extra year’. The awards syllabus will ensure you spend time on the right activities  
  • We will also invite you to join the Dental Leadership Programme where you will gain access to virtual events hosted by our Chief Doctors. They will teach you transferable skills such as leadership, presentation skills and much more! 
  • As a Summer School student, you will also be shortlisted to interview for our Scholarship programme worth up to £12,000. Click on the scholarship tab on the website to learn more. 
  • EU application – if you would like to apply to a university in the EU, we will provide the resources you need to build a fantastic EU dental school application. 
  • We also specialise in helping you apply to Southern Irish universities.
As part of our Summer School offering, we’re here to support you at every stage of your application journey in the run up to your Summer School course and beyond.
For International students who are joining us from abroad Summer School includes:
  • At the 1-Week Residential Summer School, you will receive extensive support from Medical Students to help you write the perfect Personal Statement, followed by 2 full days of interview practice.
  • 5 weeks of daily virtual UCAT and BMAT teaching (an excellent UCAT and BMAT score is crucial to getting a Medical School offer in the UK)
  • Virtual interview days with Doctors and 1-to-1 interview training sessions before each of your university interviews.
  • Automatic enrolment in the Medical Awards Programme and the Medical Leadership Programme to strengthen your UK university application.
  • Help with strategically choosing your universities to maximise your chances of receiving an offer.
  • A reference written by a Doctor to help guide your teacher’s reference
  • Access to E-Learning resources for Wider Reading.

Accommodation, catering, and transport to-and-from airports are all included.



Summer School Student

Now Medic Mentor Scholar and Medical Student at University College London.


“I chose Medic Mentor’s Summer School because I felt like it was the best allencompassing package for me; not only to help manage the pressures of the application process, but also to really immerse myself in the Medic Mentor family to then open new opportunities for me even beyond the application process.

The support that we get is amazing. The networking and community really make a difference.

My first year of Medical School has been the best year of my life so far.”


Summer School Student

Now Medic Mentor Scholar and Medical Student at University of Cambridge.

“Rather than treating another person applying to Medicine as a competitor, Medic Mentor really does help create a sense of community. You learn from one another which has really helped me.

There’s a community that I can always come back to that will always put a smile on my face. Medic Mentor transformed me from a clueless student into a student who is now at Medical school.”

Medical Awards Programme

The Medical Awards Programme is a curricular-based programme that covers all of the extra-curricular activities you need to make the most of your ‘extra year’. Our Awards syllabus covers all the important skills you need to develop in this year  

You will receive over 100 hours of mentoring, guidance, and support from Doctors to highlight any gaps in your application and fulfil the ‘essential non-academic criteria’ for Medical School applications.

When you complete your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award Programme, you will be awarded a National Medical Award to put on your Medical School application – a valuable testament to your extra-curricular achievements!

All Summer School Students who receive a Gold Award are considered for Medic Mentor’s Scholarship Programme!

Scholarship Students

You’ve probably noticed that many of our past Summer School Students are now Medic Mentor Scholars. When you complete a Gold Award, you will be interviewed for Medic Mentor’s Scholarship Programme!

If awarded a Scholarship, you will be supported throughout your Medical school journey by our Chief Mentor team of Doctors and given a wealth of resources to take your leadership, communication, and research skills to the next level.

In recognition of your role as a Medic Mentor Scholar, the programme attracts an award valued at up to £12,000 over a six-year Medical degree, helping to decrease any financial barriers to reaching your goals and joining the next generation of healthcare leaders.

You will join a team of over 100 students across the UK on Medic Mentor’s Scholarship Programme.

Dates & Locations


Summer School takes place from June to August

  • Scotland Week 1: 27th June – 1st July
  • London Week 2: 25th -29th July (FULLY BOOKED)
  • London Week 3: 1st – 5th Aug
  • London Week 4: 8th – 12th Aug (FULLY BOOKED)
  • London Week 5: 15th – 19th Aug


Greenwich University, London – one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and culturally diverse cities. With 70% of research for the NHS carried out in London, it is home to 5 internationally renowned medical schools, including Imperial College London and University College London (UCL).

Stirling University, Scotland – one of the most beautiful cities in the UK with stunning lochs and parks, and a medieval castle. Scotland is home to 4 of the top 10 medical schools in the UK including the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh (Complete University Guide).