Here you will find all of the incredible poster presentations that our students have made following the COVID-19 Virtual Innovation Programme. These will be uploaded on Saturday 30th May. Please take your time to go through these and leave them some feedback!

Scenario 1 – Limited PPE

Group 1A

Group 1B

Group 1C

Group 1D

Scenario 2 – Limited Ventilators

Group 2A

Group 2B

Group 2C

Group 2D

Scenario 3 – NHS Capacity 

Group 3A

Group 3B

Group 3C

Group 3D

Scenario 4 – Cessation of Medical Education 

Group 4A

Group 4B

Group 4C

Group 4D

Scenario 5 – Testing

Group 5A

Group 5B

Group 5C

Group 5D

Scenario 6 – Treatment

Group 6A

Group 6B

Group 6C

Group 6D

Scenario 7 – Maintaining Medical Treatment Standards

Group 7A

Group 7B

Group 7C

Group 7D

Scenario 8 – Exit Strategies and Future Peaks 

Group 8A

Group 8B

Group 8C

Scenario 9 – Cessation of Dental Education 

Group 9A

Scenario 10 – Maintaining Dental Treatment Standards 

Group 10A

Group 10B

Scenario 11 – Veterinary Economics 

Group 11A

Scenario 12 – Changes to Veterinary Procedure 

Group 12A