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Hello Medical Leadership Students!  We are greatly looking forward to seeing you all again for the COVID-19 Virtual Innovation Programme!

We are so excited to finally update you on the incredible virtual mentoring event we have planned to replace the final event of the Medical Leadership Programme of this academic year. The ‘COVID-19 Virtual Innovation Program’ will run from the 27th – 31st May 2020. Our interdisciplinary community will work in small teams over the course of the program to investigate one of the many clinical challenges that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is posing to our NHS, such as resource distribution and allocation. Please see the timetable below for an outline of topics and interactive projects.


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Please complete this membership form to participate

In order to secure your place, please complete the form below by the 14th of May 2020 at 23:59. If you do not return the completed forms or sign up by this date and time, then we will be unable to confirm your place on the programme.

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Student Code of Conduct

COVID-19 Virtual Innovation Programme

Student Code of Conduct

The COVID-19 Virtual Innovation Programme is an online programme which will run from the 27th to the 31st of May 2020. To participate in this programme, students and their parents/guardians must read, sign and send the online registration form by 14th of May by the latest. Failure to return these forms will result in the student being unable to participate in the programme.


The entirety of this programme will be conducted online through the use of online platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We have taken every precaution to mitigate the risk of online teaching. However, by completing the online registration form, you agree to the following:

  • I consent to my child using the online platforms detailed above to work with other students on the School Ambassador Leadership Programme, Medic Mentor Scholars (medical/dental/veterinary university students) and members of the Medic Mentor Education Directorate (qualified doctors/dentists/vets) on this programme
  • I agree to my child’s name and email address being given to their allocated scholar in order for virtual meetings to be organised


Please agree to the following:

  • I agree to take part in the programme using the online platforms detailed above
  • I agree for my name and email address to be supplied to my allocated scholar in order for virtual meetings to be organised
  • I agree to behave responsibly and professionally throughout this programme and I will not make any inappropriate or offensive comments on any of the virtual platforms used
  • I agree to turn off my video camera and microphone on online meetings when asked by a scholar
  • I agree not to share any links to online meetings supplied to me throughout this programme
  • I agree to dress appropriately for online meetings as I would for an in person Medical Leadership Programme meeting
  • I agree to complete any questionnaires and feedback forms supplied to me throughout this programme and I agree for my anonymised data to be used for research purposes
  • I agree to participate for the duration of the programme and if for any reason this is not possible, I will contact to let them know that I will no longer be participating

Medic Mentor reserves the right to terminate any student’s involvement in this programme should the code of conduct be breached.

If throughout this programme you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact or for wellbeing and/or safeguarding concerns please contact Dr Bayana on

We look forward to your participation in this exciting programme!

The Medic Mentor Medical Leadership Programme Team


On Monday 25th May, you will be sent an email from your facilitator detailing your group and information on how to use the online collaboration software that the Virtual Program will be run on. You will also be sent a link and password to the password-protected COVID-19 Hub on the MedicMentor website that will contain exclusive content for this programme. Your team will be made up of other School Ambassadors in different years and schools and facilitated by a Medic Mentor Scholar.

At 4pm on Tuesday 26th May, the Program will launch with a presentation on COVID-19, an introduction to critical appraisal techniques, referencing and creating a suitable poster presentation, all of which will support you when investigating your COVID-19 clinical problem. After the Launch Event, you will work through your problem sheet in your teams under the supervision of your mentor. Your problem sheet will include investigative tasks, an ethical debate, and will ultimately culminate in the production of an engaging poster presentation. This poster will be uploaded onto the Medic Mentor School Ambasssadors page, and will allow other school ambassador students and scholars to ask you questions about your topic. A few groups will be selected based on the quality of the poster presentation they have submitted, and they will have the oppurtunity to present their poster to fellow aspiring students in Medic Mentor’s Virtual COVID-19 Innovation Conference on Sunday 31st May. We we will have some incredible keynote speakers talking to us about their role in managing the COVID-19 response, which will be run as a live webinar. This means the students will have the opportunity to directly ask any questions that they wish to, and also further develop their understand of this pandemic.Every student that presents will get a certificate, and the incredible opportunity to say they were able to present their work at a national conference.

In addition to this, every evening there will also be a presentation from a healthcare professional serving on the NHS frontlines, describing their experience of this global pandemic. This will give you a unique insight into the COVID-19 pandemic, which is likely to be a key question in medical interviews for years to come!

If this was not already relevant to your application, the incredible Medical Leadership Programme Committee will also be hosting a presentation on ‘Transferable Skills and the Medical School Application’ at 1pm on Sunday 31st May. This will help you to understand how the transferable skills you have developed through this programme and your other extracurriculars will be included in your personal statement and other aspects of your application to medical/dental/vet school.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the program, you will develop skills that are essential to life as a medical student and doctor, such as:

  • Critical analysis skills to evaluate sources – vital for research
  • Understanding and application of ethical principles to real life scenarios, and an ability to discuss these issues in a structured debate
  • Innovating solutions to real world problems
  • Fundamental transferable skills (planning and time management, teamwork, communication and leadership)
  • Presentation skills

All students that effectively demonstrate these skills will receive an official Medic Mentor certificate, and students that go above and beyond our expectations will receive an additional prize! As a participant, you will receive individual feedback from your mentor and group feedback on your presentation from the panel of official judges.


We know that you are all very busy, so before you leave just take a moment to ensure that you haven’t missed any valuable information recently