Engagement Officers

Email: admin@medicmentor.org

Tel: 01524 389772

Available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. 

Course-related and general enquiries.  The Engagement Officers can also book telephone appointments with the Mentors and School Visits.

Miss Chloe Slack
Engagement Officer and Student Lead

Miss Alexandra Merrit
Engagement Officer and School Lead


Email: accounts@medicmentor.org

Available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Refunds, orders, invoices, scholarship payments and summer school instalments.

Hazel Dawson,
Director of Finance & Head of the Scholarship Fund

Education Directorate

Email: education@medicmentor.org

Tel: 01524 389772

Scholarship, gaptern, awards, volunteering and school society enquiries. Happy to take questions from applying students about applications.

We can schedule 30 minute telephone appointments with the Vice Presidents subject to their availability Mon-Fri between 5-7pm.


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