In advance of the release of the first ‘Open Pod’ episodes where Ciara and Lucy interview medical students from different universities across the UK, they have recorded a special two-part episode to provide you with essential information to help you choose the Medical School that’s right for you. Make sure you listen to these episodes as they equip you with the knowledge you need to make the most out of the upcoming ‘Open Pod’ series!


Part 1: Applying Strategically


Everyone always wishes they knew whether a university was going to accept them or not before using up one of those precious 4 medical school applications slots – applying strategically is the closest Ciara and Lucy can get you! 


In part 1 of Choosing a Medical School, we discuss how medical schools assess your application and what weighting means with regards to the different parts of your application such as the UCAT, BMAT, your GCSEs, predicted grades and personal statement. We share advice about what to do if your UCAT score is low, as well as how you can find out if you are a below average, normal or above average applicant to each medical school. 


Parts 2 & 3: Course Types and How to Make a Tricky Decision Easier

In parts 2 & 3 we break down the different styles of teaching at Medical School. Learn the differences between PBL, CBL, EBL and traditional courses aswell as debunking other terms which you may not have heard before. Ciara and Lucy also share the advantages and disadvantages of prosection and dissection for delivery of anatomy teaching.

And finally, we know that choosing a Medical School (either the 4 you apply to, or the 1 you accept) is a very tricky process. Ciara and Lucy discuss different methods (some less conventional than others!) that you can implement to make such a hard decision a little bit easier. 


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