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February: 'Fragile Lives'

An incredible memoir from one of the world’s most eminent heart surgeons and some of the most remarkable and poignant cases he’s worked on.

The balance between life and death is so delicate, and the heart surgeon walks that rope between the two. In the operating room there is no time for doubt. It is flesh, blood, rib-retractors and pumping the vital organ with your bare hand to squeeze the life back into it. An off-day can have dire consequences – this job has a steep learning curve, and the cost is measured in human life. Cardiac surgery is not for the faint of heart.

Professor Stephen Westaby took chances and pushed the boundaries of heart surgery. He saved hundreds of lives over the course of a thirty-five year career and now, in his astounding memoir, Westaby details some of his most remarkable and poignant cases – such as the baby who had suffered multiple heart attacks by six months old, a woman who lived the nightmare of locked-in syndrome, and a man whose life was powered by a battery for eight years.

Discussion date: Thursday 11th February

March: 'Breathtaking'

How does it feel to confront a pandemic from the inside, one patient at a time? To bridge the gulf between a perilously unwell patient in quarantine and their distraught family outside? To be uncertain whether the protective equipment you wear fits the science or the size of the government stockpile? To strive your utmost to maintain your humanity even while barricaded behind visors and masks?

Rachel is a palliative care doctor who looked after the most gravely unwell patients on the Covid-19 wards of her hospital. Amid the tensions, fatigue and rising death toll, she witnessed the courage of patients and NHS staff alike in conditions of unprecedented adversity. For all the bleakness and fear, she found that moments that could stop you in your tracks abounded. People who rose to their best, upon facing the worst, as a microbe laid waste to the population.

Discussion date: TBC

2021 Meetings

Date Description Topic
Thursday 11th January Book Discussion ‘Fragile Lives’ by Stephen Westaby
Thursday 18th February Guest Speaker Q&A with Cardiologist Consultant, Dr Richard Mansfield
Thursday 25th February Debate Meeting 

“This house believes that a greater proportion of the NHS’s funding should be used for gene therapies and their research.”

Thursday 4th March Book Discussion ‘Breathtaking’ by Rachel Clarke
Thursday 11th March Guest Speaker Q&A with a guest speaker
Thursday 18th March Debate Meeting Opportunity for members to get involved
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