Welcome to the Medic Mentor Book Club! 

We meet several times a month to discuss a medically-themed book via Zoom.

Books are voted on and originate from our Reading List.

December‘s meetings  will be based on the book ‘Confessions of a GP’ by Dr Benjamin Daniels.

For more information on the book club, please feel free to email, or use the link below to sign up to our mailing list. We also have an active Slack channel!

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We have compiled a book list from recommendations from our Doctors and Medical Student Scholars (see below). Every month we will read one book from the list and come together to discuss it along with additional meetings: look below to see this month’s book and agenda for meetings. For updates and to join the meeting, please join the Book Club using the link on the right!

Our Doctors and Scholars will also be writing book reviews each month.

We will be running 6-monthly applications to join the committee (last applications closed on 4th July). Use the link on the right to learn more about the current committee.

Current Readings

Have a say in the next book by attending the discussion at the start of each month!

November: When Breath Becomes Air

Paul Kalanithi is a skilled neurosurgeon who, at the age of thirty six, was diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer. His book is memoir on his intellectual journey up until that point and how he and his family continued following his diagnosis. His account is both moving and heart-rending,, allowing us to follow Kalanithi as he turned back to literature and faced questions on death and what makes life meaningful.

Discussion date: Thursday 5th November (virtual Zoom meeting).

December: Confessions of a GP

‘Confessions of a GP’ is a witty account into what it is like to be a family doctor. The collection of anecdotes are both funny and thought provoking, covering a range of topics and recalling various patient stories. Reading this book will allow you to get into the head of a doctor working for the NHS and to see through his eyes what it is really like working in general practice. 

Discussion date: Thursday 3rd December (virtual Zoom meeting).

Decmber Meetings

Date Description Topic
Thursday 3rd December Book Discussion ‘Confessions of a GP’ by Dr Benjamin Daniels
Thursday 10th December Interview An interview with a GP guest speaker
Thursday 17th December Debate Opportunity for members to get involved
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