The Book Club Committee functions to run all our meetings and plan sessions and goals for the Club. By incorporating feedback and ideas from the members, we work towards creating meetings and discussions that aid the Book Club in providing relevant and engaging content linked to wider reading.


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Dr Emma Poynton-Smith, Chief Mentor

Academic Foundation Year 2 Doctor in Nottingham

I studied Graduate Entry Medicine (previously did Psychology) in Nottingham. I am enthusiastic about all kinds of reading, both fiction and non-fiction, and love to get involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as Medical Societies, research, knitting, swimming, and (pre-COVID) choir, as well as spending a lot of my free time baking!


Conor McCann, Book Club President

Hi everyone! My name’s Conor and I am the President of the Book Club. I’m an Upper 6th student, studying Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths and I’ve been involved with Medic Mentor for over a year now and I’ve really enjoyed every aspect of it, from the Virtual Work Experience to the Awards programme, but the Book Club has always had a special place in my heart! I love reading in my spare time as well as playing football and playing Cello and Bass guitar. I’m really looking forward to a fantastic term together and hopefully it’ll be as enjoyable for new (and veteran) members as it has been for me.

See you all at Book Club!

Patrick Devlin, Engagement Lead

Hello everyone! I’m Patrick, I’m an upper 6th student and I joined Medic Mentor last year. After spending the past 6 months on the book club committee I had such a good time I decided to come back again for another term, this time as our new engagement lead! I love reading and I am excited for Book Club this term and hope to make it an enjoyable and interactive experience for all members. I’m excited to see how the next few months go and looking forward to all there is to come! 

Susaan George, Publicity Officer

Hi! I’m Susaan, and I’m currently in year 12 studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. Currently, I’m reading through “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy: it is a long read! I’m excited for the future of the Book Club and really happy to be a part of it. I’m also really grateful and happy that I am involved with Medic Mentor as I feel that they have really helped me become more confident in my application to Medical School. 


Areeba Ahmad, Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Areeba. I’m in Yr 12 and study Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. I’ve been with Medic Mentor since 2019, where I attended what used to be known as the National Healthcare Weekend (now known as the Get Into Medicine Conference) and ever since then I knew the Book Club was something I wanted to be a part of. I am one of the new Book Club Coordinators. I am super excited to be working with a team of like minded students passionate about books to give you book club meetings to look forward to! As well as reading, I’m super active and love doing sports. I play badminton at county level and some other sports competitively and for fun such as kayaking.

Aditii Balasia, Debate Lead

​​Hello everyone! My name is Aditii and I am the Debate Lead of the Book Club. I am an international student currently in Class 12 (UK Year 13) and I study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Mathematics and English. I love reading, which is what you will generally find me doing if I am not studying or playing my guitar or doing art stuff. I am a black belt in Karate and am very passionate about debating. I am fascinated by the human brain and it’s working. I got involved with Medic Mentor close to a year ago and the journey has been wonderful so far. I am thrilled to see how the next six months pan out in the Book Club and I hope everyone enjoys it just as much as I am sure I will!

Simranjyot Kaur, Widening Access Lead

Hi, my name is Simanjyot Kaur and I am the new Widening Access Lead. I have been part of the book club for 3 months now, which is quite a short time, but these 3 months have been wonderful and made me realise that joining the book club has been one of the best decisions I have ever made as it has provided me with such a greater insight into the medical field as we had opportunities to explore the themes of the book to its greater depth, which is the beauty of this book club. I am also very excited and looking forward to working with other members of the book club for the next 6 months. 

Dilshi Koswattage, Coordinator

Hello everyone, my name is Dilshi and I am a year 12 student studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry. As the Book Club Coordinator, I work with an amazing team in order to bring informative and interactive meetings for everyone to enjoy. This opportunity has allowed me to study book themes at a much greater depth, and I hope to share my ideas with everyone at the book club and collaborate with a team of like minded students. When I’m not reading, I enjoy playing sports with my friends and learning to knit. 

I hope you all enjoy the book club and I am very excited to work with the committee to bring meetings for you all! 

Ielaf, Secretary

Hi! I’m one of the new secretaries on the Book Club committee. I am in Year 13 and I study A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I enjoy reading, so getting involved with the Medic Mentor Book Club has been really exciting! Working as a team as part of the Book Club has definitely improved my public speaking and research skills as well as management and teamwork skills. The opportunities provided by Medic Mentor have been so invaluable for the development of my insight into medicine. I am so thankful.

I look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the upcoming months!

Teni, Secretary

Hi! I’m Teni and I’m currently in year 13 studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography. I’m grateful to be working alongside other people in the Book Club committee to hopefully educate and encourage others to read around medicine and other topics they may be interested in. I’m really excited for what the following months have to offer and I hope we meet and exceed your expectations!