The Book Club Committee functions to run all our meetings and plan sessions and goals for the Club. By incorporating feedback and ideas from the members, we work towards creating meetings and discussions that aid the Book Club in providing relevant and engaging content linked to wider reading.


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Emma Poynton-Smith, Medic Mentor VP (Research/Book Club Lead)

(Academic) Foundation Year 1 Doctor in Lincoln

Hi everyone! I studied Graduate Entry Medicine (background in Psychology) in Nottingham. I am enthusiastic about all kinds of reading, both fiction and non-fiction, and love to get involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as Medic Mentor, Derby Medical Society, knitting, and choir, as well as spending a lot of my free time baking!

Patrick Devlin Book Club President

Hello everyone! I’m Patrick and I am the new president for the Book Club. I’m a lower 6th student and I just recently discovered Medic Mentor and was amazed by how many opportunities they have on offer. I have been trying to get involved in everything such as the Awards Programme and here at the Book Club. I love reading and I am excited to lead the Book Club for this term and hope to make it an enjoyable and interactive experience for all members! I’m excited to see how the next few months go and looking forward to all there is to come.

Bruce Dickson, Book Club Coordinator

Hello everyone! I’m Bruce, a student in my final year of school. Some of you may recognise me from the old book club committee, where I was one of the secretaries. I have been able to stay on the committee, and over the next 6 months I’ll be fulfilling my role as one of the coordinators! As well as my passion for reading, I enjoy competitive swimming. I only found out about Medic Mentor roughly 8 months ago, but I’ve already had so many opportunities presented to me such as the essay competitions, competitions with the VMS, the Awards Programme, the Medical Leadership Programme and the Virtual Work Experience! I’m really looking forward to further developing the book club, working with you all, and meeting lots of like-minded people over the next 6 months!



Dhruval Soni, Book Club Coordinator

Hello! My name’s Dhruval and I’m a new coordinator for the Book Club. I’m currently in year 12, and discovered all the opportunities Medic Mentor has on offer when I entered an essay competition during the first national lockdown. Since then, I have enjoyed meeting lots of like-minded people on the platform and I hope to use my position on the committee to make the book club even better! My key areas to focus on are making meetings more interactive and ensuring all emails and the website page are as informative as possible. I’m really excited to be starting in this role and I look forward to working with you all!


Eliza Hyde, Book Club Engagement Lead

Hi everyone, I’m Eliza and I am the Engagement Lead for the Book Club.  I was previously on the Committee as Vice President and loved being on the Book Club Committee so much that I just had to reapply!  As Engagement Lead, my aim is to make sure that all members get involved, share their ideas and participate in discussions during our meetings.  When I’m not studying for A Levels or reading (often with a sweet treat by my side), I’ll probably be outside, since I love running.  I also enjoy long walks in the countryside with my Great Dane, oh, and the rest of my family!  I’m really excited to start my new role on the Committee and get more of you involved with Medic Mentor.


Arooba Ali, Book Club Secretary

Hi everyone, I’m Arooba and I am one of the new secretaries for the Medic Mentor Book Club! I am in Year 11 and as an aspiring medic, I came across Medic Mentor and loved the encouraging atmosphere to grow and learn that they provided through the Book Club. As a result, I decided to apply for the committee and thankfully got a place! Through Book Club, I am able to expand my taste in books and, at the same time, learn valuable skills that I can use in my medical career journey! As secretary, I help organise the meeting plans for emails, post prompts for further thinking on Slack and create study guides that will be beneficial for all members! I hope you enjoy your experience, as a member of the Book Club, and I’m eager to see how Book Club grows in the following months!

Shukria Haider, Book Club Secretary

Hello! I’m Shukria – a Year 11 student and also one of the secretaries. One of my favourite subjects at school is English Literature so it’s not surprising that I have a passion for books. My favourite medical wider reading book is ‘The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down’ (a mouthful, I know!) by Anne Fadiman as it’s extremely thought-provoking. I’d also recommend reading Alex Morel’s book, ‘Survive’, if you want a break from wider reading; I remember reading it in one sitting back in Year 9! I’m currently taking part in the Medic Mentor Virtual Work Experience and I find it incredibly interesting to make links between concepts I’ve learnt from books and the scenarios in the WEX simulations – it’s really improving my reflective skills and it’s overall a lot of fun. I can’t wait to interact with you at the Book Club meetings and hear your views on various topics. I’m especially thrilled to work with my fellow committee members to bring you the best possible experience! 



Dhanyata Narendra, Book Club Debate Lead

Hiya! I’m Dhanyata, the Debate Lead for the Book Club. I’m currently in year 12 and as an aspiring medic, I stumbled upon the book club in lockdown last summer. While I’m not reading or studying, I practice karate or play the piano. During the next six months, I hope to spark people’s interest in debating and provide an opportunity to participate in one on a monthly basis. Selected members will get the chance to meet new people and work together in teams, while highlighting the power of speech. Communication is such a crucial skill in every profession and can be improved with practice. I look forward to embarking on this promising journey with the rest of the committee!

Fareedah Salawu, Book Club Publicity Officer

Hi everyone, I’m Fareedah and I’m the new publicity officer for the Medic Mentor Book Club. I am in Year 12 right now and I’ve been a part of the Medic Mentor family for almost 2 years now and finally took the plunge to be a committee member! As reading has always been a huge part of my life, I want to use my role to increase the word for all aspiring vets, medics and dentists to join this club to not only get an increased amount of wider reading but to become part of a society that makes the process more fun. I’m very excited to be taken on this role, and I hope to see increasing members soon! 


Mez Hakim, Widening Access Officer

Hey everyone! I’m Mez and I am taking on the brand new role of the Widening Access Officer for the book club. I am in my final year of sixth form and will hopefully be going off to study Medicine come September (fingers crossed!) I can’t wait to share all my tips for the seemingly never-ending application process and also help anyone with accessing content needed for our weekly meetings. I’ve been part of the Medic Mentor family for almost two years now and have tried to grasp any opportunity that has come my way. Please spread the word to any aspiring medics/dentists/vets from all year groups, it’s completely free and an amazing way to supplement your wider reading. I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!


Lucas Valladares, Book Club Dentistry/Vet Med Coordinator

Hey! The name’s Lucas and I’m the new Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine representative/coordinator. I’m a Year 12 student from London and have been involved with Medic Mentor since the beginning of the virtual work experience program, having since begun the Awards Programme and regularly attended both the VMS and VMS book club. I have some major ideas I hope to implement in the coming months and I’ll be focusing on increasing both the engagement and number of aspiring vets/dentists within the audience. I’m extremely grateful to receive this opportunity and will work my hardest to help make these next months the best they can be!