Book Club Previous Committee Members

Emma Poynton-Smith, Medic Mentor VP (Research/Book Club Lead)

(Academic) Foundation Year 1 Doctor in Lincoln

Hi everyone! I studied Graduate Entry Medicine (background in Psychology) in Nottingham. I am enthusiastic about all kinds of reading, both fiction and non-fiction, and love to get involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as Medic Mentor, Derby Medical Society, knitting, and choir, as well as spending a lot of my free time baking!

July 2020 - January 2021 Committee

 Jahnavi Singh, President

Hello everyone, my name is Jahnavi and I am currently a Year 11 student about to start Year 12 this September. Being a newer member of Medic Mentor, I have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the numerous opportunities this organisation has to offer, and I am very excited to help lead this fantastic new Book Club with the hope that we can all share our passion of Medicine/Veterinary/Dentistry and reading together! Apart from being an avid reader, I enjoy playing the piano and badminton as well as going cycling, something I have been able to do much more during this lockdown period. I also volunteer as a cadet at my local St John Ambulance division and I enjoy taking part in parliamentary-style competitive debating, something that I look forward to conducting in some of our future book club meetings. Currently I have taken part in a few virtual medical experiences as well as joining the Medic Mentor Awards Programme with the aim to study Medicine at University.

Eliza Hyde, Vice President

Hello! I’m Eliza and I am currently in Year 11.  I have only recently joined Medic Mentor but have tried to get involved in as many opportunities as possible.  I attended the virtual Get into Medicine Conference and have also participated in the Covid-19 Innovation Programme.  I’m really excited to be part of the Book Club Committee and can’t wait to discuss books relating to our future professions with you all. I’m also keen for you to get involved and I am looking forward to hearing from you in the various debates or presentations which we are going to host.  Outside of Medic Mentor, I really enjoy swimming and dance (although during the lockdown I have taken up running)!


Samuel Badmus, Vice President

Hi guys, my name is Samuel and I am currently a year 11 student going into year 12. On top of my enjoyment for reading books and research; I enjoy playing basketball with the town team and also playing the piano in my spare time. I attended a get into medicine conference about a year ago and have really gotten involved with Medic Mentor within the past couple of months ago by joining the Awards Programme and taking part in the weekly VMS meetings. I can’t wait to work with you all, help you all to enjoy wider reading and have some great discussions in our meetings!

Samahat Ahmed, Scholar

Hi everyone! I’m Samahat and I have just finished year 13 and will hopefully be starting medical school in September. Besides reading, I enjoy painting, playing the violin and competitive debating. I got involved with Medic Mentor when I was in year 10 by attending a Get Into Medicine Conference. Since then, I’ve taken part in the Medical Leadership Programme and am currently completing my Awards Programme. I look forward to having interesting discussions about books with you all and helping you link them to experiences to show off your academic curiosity and create a synoptic application!

Namrata Juneja, Scholar

Hi everyone! My name is Namrata and I am hoping to start medical school at St George’s in September. I have aspirations in academic medicine and surgery so being able to run the book club is a huge step forward in that direction. I’ve been with Medic Mentor for just under 2 years now and love to give back for instance by presenting at a Get into Medicine Conference. I must say it is incredible being surrounded by young people who have the same mindset and I am excited to work with all you intellectuals.

Other than medicine I enjoy travelling and trying new activities. I have recently learnt some yoga and delved into online courses on nutrition and keeping fit.

Harshika Mohan Raj, Secretary

Hello all, I am thrilled to be a secretary for the newly-established Medic Mentor Book Club. I thoroughly enjoy reading a variety of books and articles; in my free time, I like to paint, play badminton, and the piano. A book that I definitely recommend you reading is ‘Do No Harm’ by Henry Marsh, as it initiated my interest in medicine. I believe that reading gives you knowledge that is unlike anything else.


Bruce Dickson, Secretary

Hello everyone, I’m Bruce, a school student going into my final year. As well as my passion for reading, I enjoy my competitive swimming. I only found out about Medic Mentor a couple of months ago, but I’ve already had so many opportunities presented to me such as the essay competition, the MDT competition, and the Awards Programme. I’m really looking forward to working with you all, and meeting lots of like-minded people!

Nicola (Cole) Bakova, Webmaster

Hello everyone! I go by Cole and I am S6 (year 13) aspiring medic from St Margaret’s Academy in Scotland, and I will be the webmaster for the Medic Mentor Book Club. I am very excited for how this new society will progress and believe it’ll flourish into a great community. I have previously been the Oxbridge officer on the VMS committee and I am hoping to take my experiences from this onto the book club meetings. Books are my passion and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my love for them with like-minded students. Reading is undoubtedly my greatest hobby but beyond that, I am an eager learner, Explorer Scout, and a support worker for autistic children.

Rafia Hussein, Social Media Manager

Hey guys! I’m in year 12 going into year 13. Stressful. I go to King Edwards Handsworth Grammar School for Boys, bearing in mind the sixth form is mixed. I think reading books is a way for individuals to learn and reflect on other lifestyles and viewpoints. In this way, I would recommend this book club as a starting point towards getting involved and understanding medical books and how they can be implemented towards becoming a doctor. When I started to read medical related books they impacted me in a way other books didn’t, I was able to understand in some way what medical school required from me and what I am getting myself involved in. To finish off I would recommend, ‘When breath becomes air’ by Paul Kalanithi, it’s inspiring and authentic literature pulled me towards actually applying to medicine. I hope this club benefits all of you!

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Umayah Hanif, Junior Committee Member/Schools Liaison

Hi! I’m Umayah and I’m a year 10 student who is going into year 11. I love to read books and especially when they have a medical theme. Apart from reading, I love to binge shows on Netflix and have started to enjoy cooking. I started with Medic Mentor at the end of last year and am thrilled to be working with my peers in the Book Club Committee. On a side note, I recommend that all aspiring medics read ‘This Is Going to Hurt’ by Adam Kay and a non-medical book I’d recommend would be ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell.