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Sometimes our Mentors do not get the chance to speak to all of our students individually, especially if we are visiting a school group or presenting at a large conference.  The telephone appointments give us a chance to speak to you about any personal concerns that you have about the career in general or the application process.   Students, Teachers and parents are welcome to book appointments with our mentors.  Depending on availability, we can schedule appointments from 9-6 Mon-Friday.  Alternatively, you can try and give us a ring on the Mentor Helpline number 01524 389772 and one of our Vice Presidents might be in the office and available to help straight away!


We do not record phone conversations or make any written notes before, during or after a consultation.  All topics discussed are strictly confidential and if our Mentors feel that they need to share information with other Mentors to answer any queries that you have, we will ask your permission before doing so.

Telephone appointments are great for discussing any of the following topics:

Special circumstances such as grades, teacher references, mitigating circumstances etc.

Difficulties in obtaining work experience

Selecting your medical/dental/veterinary schools

Advice on how to get the best support, and more out of Medic Mentor

Gaps in your CV and

General application advice.

Please be aware that these consultations are NOT effective methods to use for interview/UKCAT/BMAT or personal statement preparation.  However, we can give you advice on the best resources for support with these based on our past experience.

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