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Medic Mentor is the only national mentoring organisation for aspiring medics, dentists, vets and psychologists. When it comes to application support or professional development, there is nothing like great mentoring! Medic Mentor has supported thousands of applying students and university students to achieve their dreams, make informed decisions and get access to the best unbiased resources that are currently available!

"Navigating the application requirements and processes to medical schools is probably one of the hardest there is. This is particularly true for young people with no family connections to the profession, this is where medic mentors is such a wonderful organisation. At Pimlico Academy, we have worked with them for two years and it is no coincidence that this year we have had the most students holding places to read medicine (four) than we have ever as the support of medic mentors has been invaluable. Two of those students are holding offers at Imperial College and Jesus College, Cambridge. From the mock interview sessions, to the medic society, to suggested reading lists and finally to their superb summer school, I am surprised that more schools don't engage with this amazing resource."

Lin Proctor, Raising Aspirations Director, Pimlico Academy.

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