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National Essay & Art Competition

Our Mentor Magazine is packed with inspiring medical, healthcare, veterinary and dental wider reading topics. Our readers are using their knowledge of relevant topical issues to show admissions selectors that they are committed, informed and knowledgeable about their chosen subject. Many readers have also published their own research articles in the magazine – a great boost to any CV and talking point at university interviews.

You can boost your CV and contribute to the magazine in a number of ways:

National Art Competition

Enter the National Artwork Competition. If you have a creative flare, you could submit a piece of art to the National Artwork Competition. The winning entry is published on the front page of our national wider reading magazine. The theme for the next magazine is “Histories” and the deadline for submission is 1st November 2023 at 12pm. Entries can be submitted by the entry form below.  

This competition is open to applying students for any healthcare related specialty.
We are welcoming submissions from applying students for our front cover competition for Mentor’s “Histories” issue in December. Please use your creativity and discretion to create an A4 piece of work that links with the theme. Make sure your submissions are scanned in at highest quality possible.

 The winners will appear on the front and back cover, receive a certificate, appear on the Medic Mentor website and social media.

Publish in our national magazine – If you want to receive mentoring to get your original ideas to full publication in a national magazine then contact mentormagazine@medicmentorfamily.org for more information. 

National Essay Competition

Enter the National Essay Competition. You could win our national essay competition by submitting your answer to the question:

Theme: Histories
Medicine: Who do you feel is the most influential unsung hero who has contributed to the medical field?
Dental: What are some historic dental treatments that could still be used today?
Veterinary: What makes a good consultation in veterinary practice?
Allied Health: What lessons can be learned from the history of nursing?

The deadline for submission is 1st November 2023 at 12pm and entries can be submitted via the submission form below.

Do you want to improve your reflective skills for your university application?
Would you like to make a difference in healthcare as an applying student?
This is the competition for you!

Please answer from the perspective of a prospective doctor, dentist, vet or healthcare professional. Your maximum word count is 1500 words, including the title and subheadings. You must include references if you have made use of them, although this will not be included in the word count. Essays will be marked down if they are over the word limit. Please structure your essay and make use of paragraphs where appropriate. We are looking for essays that have a unique message and critical insight into title. The use of personal experiences and your now thoughts are encouraged. Please use Calibri font size 12 for the main body of text. Headings can use a large sized font at your discretion.