For teachers

Teachers play a key role in supporting students who are applying to medical school.  From inspiring confidence, promoting academic excellence to that all important reference – teachers are essential to any successful applicant!  We have produced a wealth of resources to help you and your students on this journey.  This is the start of an exciting and supportive relationship!

We might be big, but we will always be there for you and your students personally!

Last minute Careers Fair drop out?  Contact us for help and we will tap into our extensive network of doctors and medical students to help.  Do you have a quick question about one of your students?  Give us a ring for some answers!

Dr Siva, our Lead Mentor, is responsible for looking after schools and is always happy to chat with you over the phone (07454704204) or via email  Her responsibility is to ensure that the Medic Mentors are there to support you however you want.   From last minute Careers Fairs to educational resources and school societies – give her a call and find out how she can help!

Near, far, wherever you are!  We are here to help.

One of the biggest problems for Teachers is access to helpful resources to support their students.  Applying to medical school is a very specialist area which requires extra preparation compared with other courses, such as writing a medical personal statement, medical entrance exams and medical school interviews.  You might think that you are too remote or only have one or two students at your school – but those students mean a lot to us, because we were once in their positions too!

Getting access to information and Medic Mentors is made easy through the online Medic Mentor Network.  This can be achieved in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a free online Teacher account
  2. Access your online module for Teachers, which will give you lots of information on how to support students and use Medic Mentor resources for best results.
  3. Create a School Society on the ‘Groups Directory’ tab and send invites to your students to join
  4. You can track the progress of your students as they work through online modules
  5. You can contact medical students and doctors directly using the Mentor Directory Tab.  This is useful if you have a quick question or want someone to visit the school!

Can’t make it to an event?  Why not bring the events to you?

Juggling school timetables and finding the time to plan a school trip can be challenging!  We are here to make life easier for you – give us a call and we can bring the lectures straight to your school.  This is a great option for students because they can learn in an environment that they feel comfortable in.  It reduces our overheads and the prices dramatically – you will be stunned at the difference!

All you need is a minimum of 5 students to attend and cover travel and accommodation which is a one-off £100 payment to secure the dates for your in-school events.

Price per student to attend an event

Making it into Medicine £69

Masterclass £79

Interview Skills Theory £79

Mock Interviews £89

Personal Statement Tutoring £300

UKCAT or BMAT  £129

Summer School £1250

Price per student for in-school events