Support our UK medical, dental, vet and psychology students each time you attend an event!

Medic Mentor organise a series of events to support you at every stage of the application process and whilst you are at university. These events enable students, parents and teachers to have the opportunity to network with a range of healthcare professionals and university students (Medic Mentors) from across the UK. Money that is raised from events, funds the Mentors to visit schools, give presentations, medical student scholarships, prizes and publication opportunities, the student diversity fund and support our charitable donations. It also helps us to grow and improve all of the amazing educational resources that support you in applying to medical, dental, vet med, psychology, nursing and biomed courses at university!

Upcoming Events

New to Medic Mentor? Attending National Weekend conferences will give you a great introduction to our network and equip you with essential knowledge and information needed to make an informed career choice and successful application. This is great for students in year's 10-12 or S3-S5, as well as parents and teachers.

November 2017

Get free access to a doctor or medical student for one hour every week! Our weekly webinars cover a range of topics and gives viewers a chance to ask questions via the live online chat. Get free handouts, keep in the loop with amazing Medic Mentor opportunities, and get continuing support with your application!

Every Week

We can help you set up (or make better use of) a medics society at your school! Our Regional Mentors will provide you with ongoing support, and the monthly school society bulletins will equip you with useful activities to help run meetings and keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Great for Year 10-13 or S3-S6 students!

September 2017

Medic Mentor will be running 50 free mock interview events at selected schools across the country. We are currently undertaking selection and shortlisting of nominated schools - so please complete our online form to nominate your school now. Priority will be given to year 13s and S6 students for interview slots, however valuable experience can be gained by students in younger years who volunteer alongside the Medic Mentor team to help run the day - and certificates will be provided!

Interviews run from November 2017 - March 2018

Last year over 80% of our Residential Summer School students received at least 1 medical school offer. Medic Mentor Summer Schools comprehensively cover all elements of the UCAS application. Extra support will make your application a more enjoyable experience. This is suitable for year 12 or S6 students, but register early for 2018 and 2019 because spaces are going fast!

July & August 2018, 2019 - but you must register in advance!

Worried that you are not going to get the grades to apply? Don't give up - there are many alternative routes into medicine which we discuss in great detail at this conference. Most students are not aware of all of the options available. As long as you are passionate and motivated, we are here to help our students realise their dreams. Great for Year 12, 13 and S6 students.

September 2017

This is the ultimate medical student conference! Find out how you can excel at medical school by winning prizes, scholarships, bursaries, getting involved in research, organising an amazing elective, and the build up to making a successful foundation or academic job application. Great for med students of all years and year 13 or S6 offer holders who want a head start!

September 2017

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