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Please note that this includes a £250 deposit which is non-refundable. We will provide a refund minus your deposit if we receive your cancellation request in writing to our admin form, at least 6 months before the course begins. There is also a 2 week ‘cooling off’ period, where if you cancel within this time you can receive a full refund.  Once you have been refunded, you will not be able re-register for the summer school again because it causes too much disruption and these places are highly valuable to our other students.  

We currently have a code for £250 off if you book the one full payment option, and use the discount code: JULY22

Register with 1 full payment of £2750 (inc VAT)

You can make a secure payment via Paypal, Credit Card or via Direct Bank Transfer.  Your place is confirmed once you have completed your order.

Register with a single payment of £1500

You can secure your place by making a single payment of £1500 now, and then 12 instalments of £104.16p from July 2022.  You must sign a credit agreement. No interest and no credit checks.

Registration with 3 instalments of £916.66

You can secure place via 3 instalments of £916.66 (in-person).  No interest and no credit checks.