Welcome to the IT hub.  This is a dynamic page where videos and updates will be continually added to help you make the most of our IT systems and programmes that we use at Your Medic Family.  

Please review the training videos on how to use 

1. Slack

2. Airtables


Upcoming training modules:

3. Setting up and making the most of your Medic Mentor Zoom account

4. Email Campaign Software

5. Building Formstack Documents

6. The Booking ‘Bookly’ Appointments System

How to use SLACK

Slack is a communication programme used by everyone in the Medic Mentor organisation.  It is more reliable than email and provides greater functionality than something like WhatsApp.  We prefer to communicate with others in Medic Mentor using Slack rather than via email.

Introduction to Airtables

Airtables is used by Medic Mentor’s Admin department and everyone else in the organisation as a database and CRM.  It helps us to keep track of all of our students, parents, teachers, scholarship students, other university students and Mentors. 


How to use Grids, sort and filter information

How to merge data from different spreadsheets

This video will show you how data from different spreadsheet can be merged into one table without having to enter information individually (and manually).

How to create a form

This video will show you how to create a web form that populates a spreadsheet automatically. Bear in mind that if people complete the form it will create a new record, so it can lead to duplications.  If you do not want data duplicated you can create a new table and then merge data with an existing database as shown in the previous video.

How to create certificates

This video will show you how you can create certificates en mass at the click of a button.  You can create multiple personalised certificates at the same time without having to manually create each one.  You can also use this principle to customise any kind of document like a contract or consent form if you hae created the template for it using a programme called formstack.

How to send an email from within airtables

This video will show you how to send an Airtables email from a list that you have filtered and sorted.  Before you do, make sure that an airtable email is the correct form of communication.  You must bear in mind that 

1. You cannot include attachements in this email. If you want to do this you need to look at the ‘automations’ video which appears next in this training module.  

2. You cannot use photos and images in the email.

3. You must feel confident that there are no duplications in your email list.  If there are 2 or more similar records then the email will be sent to those records individually, resulting in 2 or more of the same email going to the same person.  If you want to remove duplications first, then use the campaign software to filter your list, and send a campaign.  Or you can use the campaign software to remove duplicates, download the subscriber list and import them onto a new airtables spreadsheet and send you email via airtables.

So what are the benefits of using an airtables email?

1. It’s quick an easy – no need to use the email campaign software and design complex looking emails first.

2. It is more reliable.  These emails are most likely to reach their destinations compared to email sent by the email campaign software or even your Gmail account!

How to use automations in air tables

This video will show you how to use automations in airtables.  Automations will help you to send an email with an attachment in a personalised way.  This will save you time so that you are no sending one email at a time with an attachment.  Please remember to watch this video every time you attempt an automation because it can be a bit tricky!