UCAS Appointments for Virtual Summer School Students

Please complete the UCAT section of the form as soon as you have received your results.  You can book your appointment now, but please ensure that it is at least 3 days after your UCAT test to give the Chiefs time to match up your universities  ahead of the appointment.  Please use the link below to book your appointment.


UCAS Appointment with Dr Kumar: 

Dr Kumar’s Zoom Meeting Information:

Meeting ID: 285 004 1423
Passcode: uw1CCT 

UCAS Appointments with Dr Siva: 

Dr Siva’s Zoom Meeting information: 

Meeting ID: 948 8402 2482
Passcode: 751376

Personal Statement Reviews

If you have had an official sign off from Dr Kennedy then you do not need another personal statement review.  However, the likelihood is that  when you do return to School, your teachers will want to make some changes to your personal statement and put their stamp on it.  If and when this happens please use the form below to submit your latest PS with your teacher’s comments and Dr Kennedy will review it again.  If you would also like to book an appointment to discuss the changes with Dr Kennedy then you can do this at the link below.  Please make sure that you enter your FULL Name when you book your appointment.  Once you have booked your appointment online, that meeting is confirmed.  Please click on Dr Kennedy’s zoom link using the details below at the time that you have booked.  Please only book one appointment to ensure that there are enough appointments for everyone.

Dr Kennedy Personal Statement Appointments: 

Once you have booked an appointment please log onto Dr Kenendy’s Channel at the appropriate time using these details:

Meeting ID: 977 7372 6751
Passcode: zH3R12

Skype Interview Appointments

Please use this form to notify us of your Interviews.  As soon as you hear from any universities.  Once you have completed the form below, you can then use the following link to book your interview practice with us.  We suggest you do this with a Chief Mentor who you do not know as well, so that you gain experience from as many Chief Mentors as possible.  Please only book 1 appointment for interview practice at any given time.  If the Chief Mentor feels that you are not prepared enough for the interview, they will recommend that you book another session.

Chief Mentor Interview Zoom Appointments:

Dr Kumar: 

Dr Saleh: 

Dr Kennedy: 

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