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What is Medic Mentor?

Medic Mentor has 2 main functions:

1. It is the UK’s mentoring organisation for aspiring and working doctors, vets and dentists

2. It is an Awarding Body that oversees 2 main programmes: the largest scholarship programme for medical, dental and veterinary students, and the Awards Programme for secondary school students.

 Medic Mentor was founded by a group of doctors 5 years ago and have supported thousands of successful applicants, and awarded hundreds of scholarships to university students.  It is committed to standardising careers support via the Awards programme, enabling students from all backgrounds to gain access to medical, dental and veterinary mentors and the same high quality guidance on UCAS applications. 


Who runs Medic Mentor?

Medic Mentor is governed by a national committee of Doctors, Dentists and Vets called the Education Directorate (ED).  The President and Vice Presidents who make up the Education Directorate oversee the teaching, training, scholarships and awards programmes that are available through Medic Mentor.  The central committee (and Scottish Division) design and implement an array of diverse outreach, para-curricular and mentoring programmes for the wider Medic Mentor community that includes secondary school students, university students, teachers, parents and working professionals.

The Education Directorate are supported by committed staff that provide administrative, financial and logistical support.


How is Medic Mentor Funded?

Medic Mentor is primarily self-funded, but also receives education grants to support students from low-income backgrounds.  As a social enterprise, Medic Mentor reinvests back into Scholarship Programmes, free mentoring initiatives and our Student Diversity Fund (SDF). The SDF provides free places to students and their parents from low-income backgrounds to attend Medic Mentor events.  This ensures that students from all backgrounds can have access to the same high quality information and mentoring. Medic Mentor provide the largest scholarship programme for medical, dental and veterinary students in the UK.  These scholarships provide university students with up to £12,000 of scholarship funding during their time at university, alongside educational projects and mentoring.

Mentoring opportunities

If you would like some advice before you apply to become a Mentor, give us a ring on 01530 413709  


This is a flexible commitment that involves remote supervision.  Awards Supervisors are responsible for objectively marking and assessing secondary school candidates, who are participating in the Awards Programme.  Each Supervisor will be responsible for 5-10 students per year, and will provide valuable written feedback to help students develop their skills, CVs and confidence.  This is a very important position, with a lot of responsibility because Supervisor assessments will have an impact on whether students are awarded University Scholarships.


Regional Mentors are not only Awards Supervisors, but they also provide face-to-face mentoring by presenting or teaching at 3 events per year.  These may involve delivering presentations at national conferences or teaching on a Medical Leadership Programme for secondary school students.  There are up to 40 events taking place nationwide that Regional Mentors can choose from.  There are also opportunities to visit schools and provide teaching to Medical Societies, University Scholars, publish articles or books, conduct research and teach online webinars.


Vice Presidents are valuable members of a National Committee that govern the activities of Medic Mentor.  These positions require exceptional Leadership Skills, creativity and a drive to implement programmes that genuinely make a difference.  The National Committee meet three times a year in Leicestershire and the Scottish Committee meet 3 times a year in Stirling.  There are a variety of roles for VPs for existing projects within Medic Mentor, but we encourage individuals to create and lead their own ideas for programmes too.


Chief Mentors are Teaching Fellowships which are full-time salaried positions.  Chief Mentors are unique individuals who are excellent teachers, presenters and highly motivational.  They are mostly responsible for looking after the secondary school students and working alongside school teachers.  As part of the Teaching Fellowship, which is based in Leicestershire, individuals are expected to present and co-ordinate conferences, visit schools, produce educational resources such as books and get involved in medical education research.

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Our Mission & Vision

Medic Mentor reinvests proceeds back into our students by providing the UK’s largest medical scholarship programme and a variety of free mentoring initiatives. We support talented students from application to graduation! Get in touch with us to find out more.


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Available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm