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The UK’s mentoring organisation for future doctors, dentists and vets.  We help students from application to graduation with the most comprehensive mentoring scheme for applying students and a scholarship programme for university students. Created and lead by doctors, dentists and vets.

Find out why thousands of students have used Medic Mentor for their applications to Medical School, and how they continue to benefit as medical students!

STEP 1: National HEalthcare Weekend

National Healthcare Weekends take place multiple times a year across several locations in the UK.  These conferences have helped thousands of Medic Mentor students take the first step on their journeys to becoming doctors, dentists and vets. Attending these conferences will help you to make an informed career decision, develop a strong knowledge of the UCAS application process and give you direct access to mentors following the conference.  

STEP 2: Boost your cv

Alongside your work experience and extracurriculars, Medic Mentor has a huge range of CV opportunities that will help you to boost your confidence and stand out as a competitive applicant. These include presenting at and leading national medical conferences, conducting research and publishing articles in the Mentor magazine, 4 medical essay competitions a year and the only medical leadership programme for secondary school students!

The Final touch


The Medic Mentor Summer Schools is where our students tackle the UCAS application itself.  It is a 6-day residential programme with over 80% of students getting medical school offers each year! 


STEP 4: Ongoing Mentoring

Throughout year 13 and S6 you can have as many Skype interviews and personal statement reviews as you need from your Summer School Mentor.  We also offer an additional interview preparation day for School Ambassadors.

In addition, you can also book telephone appointments with doctors, vets and dentists and arrange for them to visit you in schools!  Find out about all the ways that we provide mentoring for our students.


Once you are an offer holder, you are eligible to become a Medic Mentor Scholar where you could receive up to £2000 per year and continue to be mentored by amazing doctors, vets and dentists.

The scholarships consist of a financial bursary and personal development project, usually around the lines of presentation skills, leadership, teaching or research.  You will also be enrolled onto the Scholar's Summer School, which is a free programme designed to ensure that you make the most of your medical, dental or veterinary degree.

Secret Success Formula:

Application Knowledge + Mentoring + CV Opportunities = Successful Applicant

Medic Mentor is the only place where you can find everything that you need to secure a place at Medical, Dental and Veterinary School.  We provide the opportunities, but you need to make the most out of them!

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Medic Mentor reinvests proceeds back into our students by providing the UK's largest medical scholarship programme and a variety of free mentoring initiatives. We support talented students from application to graduation! Get in touch with us to find out more.


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Available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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