National Healthcare Weekend

The UK's Largest Careers Event for aspiring Doctors, Vets and Dentists!

Medic Mentor Parental Consent Forms for under 18 students

All Medic Mentor events are designed for parents just as much as students and nearly half of our attendees will be parents.  Feedback from previous years has shown that parents find it extremely useful to attend events and be as informed as possible about the application process too.

Please note that we have a strict child protection policy and all students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  If you are 16 or over 16 years of age, and you are a student who wants to attend alone, please register for a ‘student only’ place and ask your parent or guardian to complete the permission form and email this to

Otherwise all students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent throughout the conference.  If you are attending with parent or guardian, then you do not need to complete the consent form.  If you are a student attending with an adult who is not your parent, please ensure that you send us your consent form so that we have some emergency contact details for you on our records.

We must receive your permission form at least 2 weeks before the conference.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you send us your consent form.  We reserve the right to cancel your places without a refund, if you have not provided us with the correct documentation.  You can download the permission form at this link: MM Event Parental Consent Form and email it to

Thank you!

Why is attending National Healthcare Weekend so important?

The application journey to become a doctor, vet or dentist is highly specialist and demanding compared with many other university courses. New Medic Mentor students and parents often find it challenging to navigate through the process and find it difficult to identify accurate information. Guidance on these areas is highly variable between secondary schools, and a lack of access to healthcare professionals who can provide quality mentoring, is the biggest barrier that applicants face. Medic Mentor students have the edge by gaining access to comprehensive and accurate application information, combined with mentoring support and CV boosting opportunities, beyond the events. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of more informed, successful and knowledgable applicants, particularly amongst those that attend Medic Mentor's Summer School. For new students, National Healthcare Weekend provides the foundation knowledge you need to confidently embark upon your journey, and as mentors we are here to encourage and guide you, whilst ensuring that the experience is more enjoyable.

Day 1 The ME.DE.VET Conference

Conference Programme

Registration is at 09.00am
Morning talks will take place from 09:30am-13:00pm

Lunch break and a chance to network with the Mentors: 13:00pm-14:00pm

Afternoon talks will take place from 14:00pm-17:00pm

There is an optional question and answer panel from 17:00-17:30

The dynamic nature of the conference means that the course programme and speakers will be different at each event. However, every conference offers a wealth of information and experiences from a range of Medic Mentors from different backgrounds.

Dates and Locations:

16th and 17th June 2018 Scotland: University of Stirling, Stirling Campus, Stirling, FK9 4LA
14th and 15th July 2018 London: University of East London, Stratford Campus, Water Lane, London, E15 4LZ

Who Should Attend?

We welcome students, parents and teachers to attend this conference. In particular, students from years 10-12 or S3-S5 would find this extremely beneficial. These events cater to parents just as much as students and feedback from delegates has shown that students who attend with their parents find it extremely beneficial.
We can offer students and parents from low-income backgrounds fully funded places through Medic Mentor’s Student Diversity Fund. For information on how to access this fund, please click here.

How do I Access CV Boosting Opportunities through Medic Mentor?

Medic Mentor offer students a variety of opportunities to boost their CVs and develop transferrable skills through competitions, leadership, volunteering, research and publishing opportunities that take place throughout the year. In order to ensure that you don't miss out on these valuable opportunities or any important deadlines, you can stay in the loop in 2 ways:

1. Create a free Medic Mentor account by clicking here.

2. Become and official Member and you will gain exclusive access to the Mentor Magazine, by subscribing for £4.99/month (which can be cancelled at any time). Click here to find out more.