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Over 30 Conferences in 6 Locations Across the UK Involving Over 800 Healthcare Professionals Teaching 2000 Students!

National Weekend is made up of 2 events.  Scroll down the page to find out details about each event and to register!

Medic Mentor Parental Consent Forms for under 18 students

All Medic Mentor events are designed for parents just as much as students and nearly half of our attendees will be parents.  Feedback from previous years has shown that parents find it extremely useful to attend events and be as informed as possible about the application process too.

Please note that we have a strict child protection policy and all students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  If you are a student who wants to attend alone, please register for ‘student only’ places and ask your parent or guardian to complete the permission form and email this to

We must receive your permission form within 2 weeks of registering online.  You can download the permission form at this link: MM Event Parental Consent Form

Thank you!

Day 1 Saturday: Insight into Medicine Conference for Year 10-12 or S3-S5 students

Medic Mentor’s Insight into Medicine Conference is about exploring a career as a doctor.  The day is part of our continuing commitment to inform your career decisions and is also part of our Widening Access to Medicine Programme. We hope to inspire many students who hadn’t previously considered Medicine as an option.  This highly varied career is stimulating and rewarding, and offers more opportunities than you may have imagined.

The conference will give students, parents and teachers an opportunity to network with a range of doctors and medical students from across the UK.  Delegates will have access to 14 different careers talks, including various Royal Colleges, medical organisations and medical schools.  This invaluable and informative day will encourage students to explore work experience opportunities, learn about useful educational resources and develop a greater insight into what doctors do and the incredible variety that exists in the medical profession.

Please note, that this conference will not provide a detailed overview of the UCAS application process for medical school.  This information is covered in a separate lecture called the Making it into Medicine lecture.  The Insight into Medicine conference will be extremely useful  in helping students make an informed career choice, as well as being a scored component of the medical application process.

Your registration includes an attendance certificate and conference pack.

We welcome students, parents and teachers to attend this conference.  In particular, students from years 10-12 or S3-S5 would find this extremely beneficial.  These events cater to parents just as much as students and feedback from delegates has shown that students who attend with their parents find it extremely beneficial.

We can offer students and parents from low-income backgrounds fully funded places through Medic Mentor’s Student Diversity Fund.  For more information about this please contact us by emailing or calling us on the Mentor Helpline: 07454704204.

Registration is at 10.00am

Morning talks will take place from 10:30am-13:00pm

Lunch break and a chance to network with the Mentors: 13:00pm-14:00pm

Afternoon talks will take place from 14:00pm-16:30pm 

There is an optional question and answer panel from 16:30-17:00

The dynamic nature of the conference means that the course programme will be different at each event.   However, every conference offers a wealth of information and experiences from a range of Medic Mentors from different backgrounds.  Feel free to take a look at the Insight Speakers for conferences in 2016:

You can download more Insight programmes when you are logged into your account via the ‘Downloads’ tab on the left side-menu.

Scotland 2016

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Nottingham 2016

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Hertfordshire 2016

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Review by Sophia Van Mourik Year 12 King Edward VII School

Medicine became a real goal for me after a few days on a Hospital clinical skills workshop last summer. I loved the busy bustling environment of the hospital and couldn’t think of anywhere else I would want to work. I admired the responsibility and role that the physicians had and felt a fascination with the atmosphere that they created. 

My friends can’t comprehend the thought of me taking the UKCAT – an additional exam by choice. And my sister, who has set her sights on other equally rewarding careers such as chemical engineering, computing and robotics or law, isn’t putting herself through such a seemingly arduous route. So for a while I was fighting my fear of failure and going against my instinct to take the ostensibly easier route in life but still found myself asking the question ‘Is it really worth it?’   

I booked onto the Medic Mentor course in the hope that I would be able to make my mind up once and for all.

Walking into the lecture theatre at Nottingham I didn’t know what to expect. My background research suggested that the conference was simply a stepping stone in Medic Mentor’s six step process but it was so much more than that! 

Before Medic Mentor I read, what seemed like, an endless amount of daunting sentences of the hurdles I would need to clear in order to get into Medical school but I was still up for the challenge despite not knowing where to start. The conference not only started to show me how, it gave me the motivational re-birth I was looking for.

Two talks in particular were valuable to me. ‘Making the most out of Work Experience and Volunteering’ with Lawrence Pugh, a 2nd year Medical student from Cardiff, put a spotlight on the importance of reflection in Medicine and also the value of written skills. Reflection helps Doctors, lawyers, engineers and students alike to learn from their mistakes and identify key skills and knowledge they have gained. The talk I could most relate to was Priyanga Kumarakulasingham’s inspirational story,

‘An Unconventional Route into Medicine’. Despite getting rejected two years in a row she stayed determined and learnt from her mistakes, successfully re-applying to Leister University. My main fear is the rejection letter coming through the door and this no longer worries me after seeing her tenacity in re-applying. Without it holding me back I now have the motivation to go out and earn my place at Medical School.

On a whole the day was definitely insightful! The only criticism I have it that some of the Q&As between talks felt slightly rushed, saying that I had ample time at the end to ask any questions that were left unanswered.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested, even if you are only entertaining the idea of a career in Medicine. 

Thank you Medic Mentor for giving me the motivation and clear sense of direction that I was looking for.

Review by Claire Read Year 12 Farnborough Sixth Form College

Coming from a normal south of England state school and college I was apprehensive of the day ahead. I felt inquisitive but also cautious. If it were anything like previous events I attended the room would be filled with 300 people who already seemed super prepared for journey into medical school! Feelings aside, I settled down to listen to the first speaker, a year 12 student, like me. She was passionate, motivational, inspiring, and I found confidence build inside me as I realised her own action plan and lifestyle was not far from my own, we shared experiences such as D of E and extra curriculum activities and I found, even having had less external support in the past, it wasn’t unrealistic to be applying for such a competitive course. Comparatively I did feel a sense of intimidation from the achievements of her and the other speakers that I do not yet have under my belt. Although I took this as a plus point, a fuel for motivation, a pointer of self improvement and I set about scribbling down notes from all 16 informative students and medics that spoke. 

There was a specific part of one presentation that I felt was particularly beneficial for me. A medical school student who had entered medicine on his forth attempt though a biomedical degree was addressing us. He spoke about how he felt great frustration working with test tubes when all he wanted to be doing was at the forefront with patients. This struck a chord with me, as it made me realise this is not the route I personally want to take, I am strongly connected to people contact and listening to his own experience made me realise how important this is to me. Along with other speakers from the day, the network of clouded pathways in my head was slowly becoming a more direct route. This is largest plus point that I would recommend to anyone thinking of attending the event. Having expressed interest in medicine at 16 you tend to get a lot of options, continuous questions such as ‘are you sure you don’t want another similar career?’ It’s talks and events, such as Medic Mentor, that helped me to filter though ideas and find a set of workable directions to follow in order to achieve my goal. 

If I were being analytical of my experience, I would say that the reason the speakers’ information felt so crucial to my learning is because before attending I lacked confidence that I could achieve this aim of getting into medical school. My newly acquired information led to a valuable Q+A session at the end of the event in which I had my own concerns about personal statement writing addressed by two consultants, a junior doctor and an oncology registrar. Not something I was expecting to receive! I felt involved and informed and is the reason I find myself reflecting on my experience, a new skill I wouldn’t have thought I would need to enter the medical profession. 

To conclude I have to say the day was invaluable. My initial apprehension about the organisation was void, as it had become apparent to me that they were there to open a medical career to everyone interested, a core concept of the day I found very impressive. 

I know exactly what to do to progress myself as an applicant in this process and will continue to keep in touch with other events Medic Mentor hold in the future. Being in the middle of AS level mocks along with many other year 12’s has already become a tight packed stressful schedule and I have found the only antidote to this issue is a clear sense of direction. All I can do is thank Medic Mentor for this opportunity.

Day 2 Sunday: UCAS Application Lecture for Year 10-12 or S3-S5 students

The Making it into Medicine Lecture is the most comprehensive UCAS lecture available for students interested in applying to medical school.  The lecture is delivered by doctors and medical students with lots of opportunities to ask questions and clear your doubts. 

The lectures is accompanied by a detailed course workbook which will be available to all of the students, along with attendance certificates to add to their portfolios.

The lecture is essential for any aspiring medical student, who wants to make an informed and competitive application to medical school. For more detailed information on the topics covered, please refer to the course programme.

Your registration includes an attendance certificate and 3 textbooks: the Making it into Medicine, Masterclass (medical wider-reading) and Student Anthology (a collection of reflective essays about a variety of medical work experiences) textbooks worth £75!  Lunch will be provided for all delegates and parents can attend for free!

Parents are very welcome to attend Making it into Medicine lectures with their children. This is a popular option, as applying to medical school is a decision that affects and involves the whole family – we know this as we have all gone through the process with our own families. 

Making it into Medicine provides  information geared as much towards parents as students.  For example: 

1) Financial information:

  – medical school fees,  loans, bursaries and grants etc

  – medical entrance exams and associated costs

  – average student living costs and course expenses

2) Structuring your child’s CV:

  – help them obtain work experience

  – make them a highly competitive applicant.

3) Knowing the application process:  

  – choosing medical schools wisely

  – making the right subject choices

  – backup choices

  – what to do when things do not go to plan

4) Alternative routes into medicine

– what to do if things go wrong

– Advice and support – there are several other ways in

5) Dedicated question and answer sessions

– Talk to doctors who have been through the system

– successful examples of alternative medical entry

We welcome students, parents and teachers to attend this conference.  In particular, students from years 10-12 or S3-S5 would find this extremely beneficial.  Students in year 13 or S6 who are re-applying or taking a gap year would also find this lecture very useful to reflect on their own applications for improvement and then to re-apply.

We can offer students and parents from low-income backgrounds fully funded places through Medic Mentor’s Student Diversity Fund.  Teachers can also attend for free.  For more information about this please contact us by emailing or calling us on the Mentor Helpline: 07454704204

Registration starts at 10:00 and the lecture runs from 10:30-17:00 and includes lunch and refreshments.  Parents can attend for free.

10:30 Introduction to Course: Applying to Medical School

              UCAS and the application process

              Traditional versus Problem Based Learning     


              How to strategically make choices about        


              Entry Requirements 

              BMAT and UKCAT exams

              Competition ratios for different medical schools

11:00 Break

              Also a good opportunity to speak to the 


11.20    Different Routes Into Medicine

              The difference between Fast-track, 6 year 

              Integrated, Traditional  5 year Programmes, 

              Access and Foundation Courses

              Studying Abroad

              How to turn 4 UCAS choices into 8!

11.20    Different Routes Into Medicine

              The difference between Fast-track, 6 year 

              Integrated, Traditional  5 year Programmes, 

              Access and Foundation Courses

              Studying Abroad

              How to turn 4 UCAS choices into 8!

12:00     Work Experience

            Where to get work experience

            Work experience abroad

            How to get involved in fundraising and charitable 


13:00   Lunch

13:45   Personal statements        


14:15   The medical school interview

            Traditional Interviews versus Multiple Mini-

            Interviews (MMIs)

            Preparation for interviews

            Oxbridge interviews 

15:00   Break

15:20   UCAS Extra and Clearing

            What to do if you do not get the results which you    

            were expecting

16:00   Tuition fees and funding your medical degree

16:30    What to do next: Set up a school society, publish articles, apply for prizes,

             volunteering and work experience opportunities

17:00    End